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More on resonant teeth and absolute pitch

[[ I'm sorry, but I can resist no longer. I'll bite ]]

Given the recent "discussion", I might suggest that people with perfect
pitch may be doing some type of cross-modal sensation with vision. After
all, what else are eye teeth used for?

Of course, there *is* evidence that the dentate nucleus is involved in the
auditory system*, so may subserve certain special talents. Similary, the
crown of (ectosylvian) auditory cortex is tonotopic, though there seems to
be no other reported correlation of dental restoration and AP.

Do canines exhibit AP? Possibly not, unless the stimuli were played
through woofers.

BTW, though over the years I have heard folk stories of people who can
receive radio and other "transmissions" through their fillings, a recent
bibliographic search yielded no published reports.

        Peter "silly, but diverted" Marvit

*Wang XF. Woody CD. Chizhevsky V. Gruen E. Landeira-Fernandez J. The
dentate nucleus is a short-latency relay of a primary auditory
transmission pathway.  Neuroreport. 2(7):361-4, 1991 Jul

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