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filling = AM receiver?

> BTW, though over the years I have heard folk stories of people who can
> receive radio and other "transmissions" through their fillings, a recent
> bibliographic search yielded no published reports.
>         Cheers,
>         Peter "silly, but diverted" Marvit

        hello list:

        just a short comment on the 'dental radio' issue. It seems possible
that a metallic filling can provide its user with a AM receiver because
just a diode effect is necessary, note that you can get a AM receiver
with a specific stone (Galene? sorry, I do not know the word in English
for that mineral).

        I have heard these folk stories that tell a human being is desperate
because he/she hears voices in his/her head... a feasible explanation
for some 'spiritualist mediums'? Perhaps a correlation must be developed
between these two facts? oops, sorry, nothing in relation to AP :)

        Anyway, do not forget, as previously written, to tune your teeth once a
year. Hope it helps

        Antonio S. Pena

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