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DIGEST option now available

Last week I sent out a note describing the listserv "DIGEST" option
which bundles up all the postings for a each day and sends them to you
in (at most) one email message per day.  At that stage, it wasn't
actually available for the AUDITORY list, but now, apparently, it is
(meaning that the listserv has accepted my request for DIGEST messages
although I have yet to see any postings under the new regime).

If you wish to take advantage of this option, all you have to do is
send a message like:

        To: listserv@lists.mcgill.ca
        set AUDITORY digest

There are more details in the LISTSERV manual at
http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/user/user.html .

Thanks to Robyn Sabourin, the McGill postmaster, for setting this up
for us.


Email to AUDITORY should now be sent to AUDITORY@lists.mcgill.ca
LISTSERV commands should be sent to listserv@lists.mcgill.ca
Information is available on the WEB at http://www.mcgill.ca/cc/listserv