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MPEG-7 Information

Hi, all.

I'd like to bring to your attention a technology development which may be
relevant to the work of many of us on the list.

MPEG, the Moving Pictures Expert Group, a working group of ISO, has
started a new work item officially called the "Multimedia Content
Description Interface." It will exist as a means of describing
audio-visual material in a standard way for the purposes of search and
retrieval, filtering, and other more specialized uses of meta-data.

I personally see it (in part) as a codification of the current state of
the art in audio analysis. *Representation* is central to the standard.
All else, such as analysis methods and database retrieval, is secondary
(but still important).

As obvious features from the audio world, I expect to see such things as
query-by-humming, speech descriptions, and temporal and spectral feature
representations. There is obviously room for much more, and the standard
is being written to be extensible.

However, the standard requires participation to go forward, and the audio
side has been slow to get started. Therefore, I'd like to open it up to
this community.

The MPEG-7 Call for Proposals was issued last month, and there is a
pre-registration deadline on December 1, 1998.

For information, the place to get started is:

There is also a section on MPEG-7 in the MPEG Audio FAQ:

I also administer an "ad hoc group" mailing list for MPEG-7 Audio
concerns. to subscribe:
     Send an email with "subscribe" in the subject to:
Also see:

There is a semi-official MPEG-7 web site at:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about
MPEG-7. I do hope that this information is worth something to someone out


 Adam T. Lindsay, Research Scientist            phn: 32.2/721.5454
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