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phd opportunities in media and sound

Please pass this on to anyone who you think may be interested. Thanks

The Media Technology Group, an interdisciplinary research group centered
on the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the
University of Limerick, invites applications from students wishing to
pursue research leading to a Ph.D. degree in interactive Media Systems and
Media Technology.

The research of the Media Technology Group, involves members of Computer
Science and Information Systems, Mathematics and Statistics, Electronics,
and Material Sciences. Its research covers a range of issues in the
development of interactive performance systems. We are developing novel
input devices - for example a floor that tracks footsteps - with an
emphasis on the development of bodily control of creative processes
through performance. Thus we are involved in human computer collaboration,
machine learning in interactive environments, sonification and
visualisation, sensor materials, embedded control systems, distributed
control, real-time process management and interaction.

The research project wishes to recruit enthusiatic, creative and flexible
people to research interactive performance systems architectures and
sensor technology.  The research is currently focussed on the LiteFoot
project, a dance floor with embedded proximity sensors that is used as an
input device and controller in generating multi-media processes. We are
looking for people with good programming skills but more importantly we
are looking for creative individuals who are willing to take conceptual
risks to make real innovations in this area. The composition of visual and
auditory works via bodily movement raises many issues about the nature of
representation and the relationship between perceptual systems. An
important aspect of this will be research into the relationship between
different perceptual modalities and the use of this in the creative

Details of the LiteFoot project can be found at

For informal queries, please contact
Niall Griffith   +353 61 202785 or niall.griffith@ul.ie
Mikael Fernstrom +353 61 202606 or mikael.fernstrom@ul.ie

Subject to satisfactory progress, funding for successful applicants will
be for 3 years and will include: payment of fees, a (tax free) stipend of
6,000 pounds per annum, travel costs to attend selected conferences and to
visit collaborators in other institutions.

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