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Conference on Musical Imagery (CMI-99). Reminder

Reminder - Deadline for submissions December 31 1998:


Conference on Musical Imagery

The International Society for Systematic and Comparative Musicology will
arrange its sixth international conference at the University of Oslo,
Section for Musicology, June 17 - 20, 1999, with musical imagery as its
theme.  Musical imagery can be defined as our capacity for imagining
musical sound in the absence of a directly audible sound source, meaning
that we can recall and re-experience or even invent new musical sound
through our "inner ear".  We would like to see a broad scope of approaches
to this theme, as may be suggested by the following sub-topics:
- Elements of auditory imagery in music (pitch, melody, harmony, timbre,
dynamics, rhythm, textures, etc.)
- Auditory imagery in language and other sonic events
- The epistemology of musical imagery
- Musical imagery and event imagery
- Cross-modality and musical imagery
- Performance and musical imagery
- Mental practice and musical imagery
- Oral traditions and musical imagery
- Theories of consciousness and musical imagery
- Neurological aspects of musical imagery
- Schema theory and musical imagery
- Musical analysis and musical imagery
- Musical imagery and representations of musical sound in mind and machine
- Musical imagery and conceptual spaces
- Guided visual imagery

Researchers are invited to submit extended abstracts (min. 400, max. 800
words) by no later than December 31, 1998.  Submissions by e-mail are
encouraged, but submissions may be made either by paper copy or by e-mail
to the following address:

Section for Musicology
University of Oslo
P. B. 1017 Blindern
0315 Oslo
Fax:  (+47)22854763
e-mail:  r.i.godoy@imt.uio.no

Further details are posted at the conference web-site:

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