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Re: digital recording media

By coincidence a discussion on a similar topic is occuring right now on the
list cecdiscuss (Canadian Electroacoustic Community Discussion), and people
on that list are touting the Tascam DA-P1 portable DAT recorder.

For example, Andrew Czink <aczink@sfu.ca> wrote:
>        Just to add my two cents worth. I've used the Tascam DA-P1 and can
>sing its praises too. I once did a recording inside a rodeo arena (!) which
>required quite a bit of jumping around and over fences etc to keep from
>being run over by large farm animals. Needless to say the Tascam took some
>major knocks and didn't miss a beat, so to speak. Highly recommended unit.
>        Cheers,
>        Andrew Czink
>        earsay productions
>        earsay.com
>        #308-720 Sixth St.
>        New Westminster BC
>        V3L 3C5
>        czink@earsay.com

Jim Beauchamp

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Kevin Austin
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