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Re: Fletcher-Munson Tables Fletcher-Munson Tables

> I forward a message by Herbert Griebel:
> Dear List,
> I'm looking for tables of the FLETCHER-MUNSON curves,
> i.e. curves of EQUAL LOUDNESS, which should be
> as accurate as possible, i.e. many points for good
> interpolation. I'm not looking for a graphic, where I can
> measure points!!!
> Thanks in advance!
> Herbert Griebel
> Mail: herb@kfs.oeaw.ac.at

A combination of table and formula is given in

D.W. Robinson and R.S. Dadson,
'A re-determination of the equal-loudness relations for pure tones',
British Journal of Applied Physics, 7, 1956, 166-181

These data are generally regarded as being more accurate than those of
Fletcher and Munson.  Of course both sources apply only to pure tones in
otherwise silent free-field conditions, with a frontal plane wave etc

Computer models of loudness are available from several sources.  A
version of Moore, Glasberg and Baer's 1997 model, for Macintosh, is on
my website.

Densil Cabrera
Department of Architectural & Design Science, University of Sydney

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