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1 year research fellowship: Stirling Hearing Systems

Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
University of Stirling

Research Fellow:
Development of an Interactive Hearing Aid.

This 1 year post is in the development of a binaural hearing aid which uses ideas from the field of 
 computational auditory scene analysis (CASA). The eventual aim is a silicon implementation of an 
 interactive hearing aid: however, this post is concerned with implementing a software model. Candidates 
should preferably have postgraduate experience in the area of auditory modelling and/or hearing research. 
 The tools will be MATLAB/Simulink, probably with some C++ as well. 

The post has been created by a company (Stirling Hearing Systems Ltd.) which has been spun out from the 
 University: This is an opportunity to become involved with this project at an early stage: if the development work is successful, it is likely that the project will be continued well beyond 1 year. 

Salary will be on the RA1A/RA2 scale, with placing according to age and experience.

For further information, contact Dr. Leslie Smith, 

Dr Leslie S. Smith
Dept of Computing Science and Mathematics, Univ of Stirling
Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland

l.s.smith@cs.stir.ac.uk   (NeXTmail and MIME welcome)
Tel (44) 1786 467435 Fax (44) 1786 464551
www http://www.cs.stir.ac.uk/~lss/