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Re: Stream segregation

David Temperley wrote:

>I'm looking around for computational models of musical stream segregation.
>Specifically, I'm looking for systems that can take the notes of a piece
>(as in a MIDI file, for example) and group them into contrapuntal lines.
>(So I'm interested in what Bregman calls "sequential integration" -- NOT
>simultaneous integration, i.e., grouping of partials into notes.) Does
>anyone know of any such models?

Note that there is a theoretical assumption embedded in
your question, namely that simultaneous integration
precedes sequential integration.  In order for "notes"
to exist as a perceptual/cognitive representation, we
must presuppose a processing step that accurately
extracts them from an acoustic signal.  The psychoacoustic
validity of a MIDI-like representation (one that depends
on "notes") is open to some question, in my opinion.

That said, I would also be interested to hear of such
computational models.


 -- Eric

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