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Re: sine wave speech

Try the Haskins web site at

Robert Remez and Phil Rubin (leaders in this research) have a section on
sinewave speech that is interactive and very detailed.

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> From:         Peter Marvit
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> Sent:         Tuesday, March 23, 1999 5:23 PM
> Subject:      Re: sine wave speech
> While I cannot help the original requester, I was captured by the title of
> the message. Now *my* request: Are there any *examples* of sine wave
> speech easily available (Web or tape). I thought the Harvard tapes had
> them,
> but no dice. The ASA disk does not either.
> My understanding of sinewave speech is simple sine tones or complex tones
> AM to become 'speechlike". The perceptual result is weird wobbly sounds
> that (all of a sudden) become understandable. I've heard it somewhere,
> but don't remember.
> TIA!
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