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Daqarta 1.15 attenuator drivers

Participants of this list who use Daqarta shareware for
lab data acquisition may be interested in the new
attenuator drivers now available with version 1.15.

The ATN-SB16 driver may be of particular value for
users who work with small mammals, since it allows an
inexpensive Sound Blaster 16/32/64 to become a
stand-alone attenuator with exceptional range and
bandwidth... up to 100 kHz, depending on model.

There are also attenuator drivers for "legacy" systems
from Wilsonics, and for the old Tucker-Davis System 1.

In addition, the normal SB16 driver has been improved to
remove a click in the DAC output attenuators when
traversing between -60 and -62 dB, plus a number of
other minor bug fixes.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

Bob Masta

              D A Q A R T A
 Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
  Shareware from Interstellar Research