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Re: pitch discrimination

Dear Robert,

        There were some models and very limited data in the late 60's
suggesting that listeners could make Same-Different judgments about pitch of
pure tones, but not high-low judgments.  For intensity discimination,
high-low judgments were known to be more accurate than same-different
judgments, for a given difference between the two stimuli to be compared,
and there was a signal detection theory explanation as to why that was the
case.  Bob Bilger and I made those paradigm comparisons for both intensity
and frequency discrimination in the same subjects and found they worked the
same way.  High-low judgments in a 2IFC task were better than Same-Different
for both intensity and frequency discrimination.  The reference is W.
Jesteadt and R. C. Bilger, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 55, 1266-1276, (1974).

        Since I tested only four subjects, there may be a some subjects who
do have that problem.  I do not know of such a reference.  If anyone does, I
would be interested in it.


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Subject: pitch discrimination

Dear List

A reviewer of a recent paper of ours has written the following:

"...I thought it was well established that 10 to 30% of normal subjects
cannot judge which frequency [in a pair of pure tones] is higher or lower
(above chance), while all subjects are generally able to judge if two
frequencies are identical or not."

My question: is this, in fact, well established, as the reviewer claims,
and if so, what might be the reference for this?

Any leads you all can give us would be appreciated


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