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Re: spectral analysis freeware

Paul Boersma wrote:
> Tim Cox wrote:
> > It is great to see freeware such as Armadillo - James Beauchamps et al.

Can I take this opportunity to publicise the Education Arena at
Eurospeech'99 in Budapest?

The idea is to demonstrate any software or tutorials which are of use to
speech and hearing education at the Eurospeech conference, and to
produce a CDROM containing such freeware. If anyone would like to
contribute any material on such a CDROM (which we will give away free at
Eurospeech or to anyone on this list who requests it), please let me
know. The deadline for inclusion of software is July 31st and the CDROM
will be ready by September 1st.

Full details of the arena can be found at http://www.ling.umu.se/arena/