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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 30 Jul 1999 to 1 Aug 1999 (#1999-108)

The thread continued:

>Bottom line: If this conjecture is correct, then it means that there is a
>70-Hz boundary.

Sorry for being naive about this again.

An interesting number, if one considers difference tones. Was this done
with headphones, or very high quality loudspeakers? Was the resulant test
signal put through a bandpass filter to remove all components outside the
bandpass? and was this result consistent regardless of the amplitude of
the test signals (eg at 65 dB and 90 dB)?

Would you know if similar work has been done comparing triangle and
sawtooth waves in the same way? For while there are many more spectral
components in both of these, there may be a critical bandwidth here which
is less frequency dependent? (eg the upper limit of tremolando <->
[ring] modulation, and vibrato <-> modulation effects, even though these
are fm not am.)

Just, again, made even more curiouser by these delectable dog-day
discussions. Thanks.