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Time resolution (fwd)

Dear colleagues,

Alex Galembo, a Russian colleage sent me this message.  I don't know the
answers to his questions.  If you have any references or advice to give,
please send them to ME.  I will collect them and send them to him as a
single message.  For some reason he can't use the AUDITORY list directly
(perhaps he has to pay for each received message).



---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 21:09:37 -0700
From: galembo <galembo@comset.net>
To: Bregman Al <bregman@hebb.psych.mcgill.ca>
Subject: Time resolution

Dear Prof. Bregman,

I am Alex Galembo, I hope you remember me, and I would like to ask you about
a consultation.

Presently I am in Russia, with no opportunity of the access to the Internet
and the Auditory list. So, I am sending my question personally to most
respectful experts I know.

My  problem:

Couldn't you address me to the publications devoted to the  t i m e   r e s
o l u t i o n  ability of the auditory system. I would like to know  about
research works and published surveys of basic known parameters.

1) for a human

2) for a human compared with animals

3) for the auditory system compared with visual system

3) role in perception of speech

4) role in perception of music

5) role in sound stream segregation

I would appreciate any information.

Best wishes,


Alexander Galembo, Ph. D.
Mailing address: Furstadtskaya 47-17,
                          St. Petersburg 191123, Russia
Tel.       7-812-2735359
email: galembo@comset.net