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Perry R Cook: ICAD 2000 Update and Last Call

Dear List -

Perry Cook sent me the enclosed for circulation on the list.


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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 00:10:35 -0500
From: Perry R Cook <prc@CS.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: ICAD 2000 Update and Last Call

ICAD 2000
The Sixth International Conference on Auditory Display
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia USA
April 2-5, 2000

Submission Templates and more Specifics available at

Deadline for submissions:
Long Papers, Short Papers, Demos, Posters
Workshops, Tutorials
NOV 15, 1999

Electronic submission only.  If you must submit hardcopy,
contact the program chair at prc@cs.princeton.edu

Full Paper Submissions will consist of a 4 page extended abstract in the
conference, while other submissions are expected in a 1-3 page length,
all in the conference proceedings format, dependant upon focus.  Since
audio demonstrations are a key component of ICAD, the submission should
include a description of the prospective audio demonstrations to accompany
the paper.  (The GCATT Auditorium is set up for full audio and video
playback, and each seat is wired with power and network connections for
laptop computers.)

>From the submissions, the program committee will invite long (30 minutes)
and short (15 minute) presentations. If you have a preference for one of
these, please indicate it on the cover sheet (initial block of your
submission EMail). Posters and Demonstrations/Tutorials and Workshops will
be invited based on relevance, quality of proposal and demonstrated
expertise of expert participant.

see the ICAD2000 website for more information:


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