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SPL meter suggestions

List Gang,

I'm about to buy a sound pressure level meter (my first). I'd appreciate
any suggestions for products to consider.

It need not be very sophisticated (and not too expensive). I'll need
somthing like:

* handheld
* ~75 or 80 db dynamic range, say 40-120 db SPL
* A, C, flat weighting
* built-in mike
* digital display
* headphone adapter, if possible (i.e., for measuring the SPL put out by a
pair of headphones)
* octave analysis would be nice
* price... well, let's talk $200-400 or so (educational pricing?)

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Walker  (PC86-88)    Rice University Psychology Department
email: walkerb@rice.edu     6100 Main St., Houston, Texas, 77005
ph: (713) 522-2969 (home)          (713) 527-8101 x3772 (office)
http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~walkerb         (713) 285-5221 (fax)