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Announcing: Macarthur Auditory Research Centre, Sydney (MARCS)

Dear List,

A quick announcement about MARCS - Macarthur Auditory Research Centre,
Sydney.  MARCS is a new research centre located at the University of
Western Sydney (Macarthur campus).  Some time ago I posted the list with
details of a proposed research centre in auditory cognition in Sydney and
I'm very pleased to advise that MARCS commenced operation in February 1999
under the direction of Professor Denis Burnham (d.burnham@uws.edu.au).  We
are very grateful to those of you who expressed interest and support for
the centre all that time ago.

MARCS takes as its research focus auditory perception and cognition in
infants, children and adults.  We have particular interest in experimental
studies of speech, music and language processes.  MARCS consists of a
number of research and affiliated staff and graduate students, and is
housed in a new suite of laboratories.

At the end of our first year of operation I thought I would mention MARCS
and invite you to visit our web site:


A reminder too, that AMPS - Australian Music & Psychology Seminar - is now
in its 3rd year.   AMPS is held at the University of New South Wales, close
to the centre of Sydney, every two weeks or so, and we welcome experimental
and theoretical papers on psychology and music.  See:


Again, if you are visiting Sydney in 2000 and/or would like more
information about AMPS (or MARCS), please let me know.  Thanks and best

Kate Stevens

Dr Kate Stevens
Department of Psychology &
Macarthur Auditory Research Centre Sydney
University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
PO Box 555, Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia

Phone: (+612) 9772 6324; Fax: (+612) 9772 6584
Email: kj.stevens@uws.edu.au