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Auditory analog of Milner & Goodale

Dear Friends,

I have received varied and interesting responses. Many of them had
interesting papers attached. Rather than summarize them, I have created
a directory in which I have placed a file containing the email messages
and the papers that were attached to them. I have renamed the files by
their authors' name(s). You can get all this by ftp from:

Some of these papers are unpublished, and some are not intended for
publication, so please do not cite any of this work without asking the
author(s) for permission. If you are an author and you would rather I
did not include what you sent me on this ftp site (even though I think I
got permission from everyone), please let me know a.s.a.p., and accept
my apologies. I will remove the file immediately.

Thanks to all of you. I will let you know when the paper I'm working on
will be available for comments.
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