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Job opportunity at Oticon, Copenhagen

Dear List,

Technical Audiology/acoustical engineering

Oticon A/S, located in Hellerup, seeks acoustical engineers for development.
The candidates should have an interest in- or knowledge of listening and
sound perception. The candidates will work with specification, development
and implementation of fitting principles and strategies for advanced digital
hearing instruments. The candidates will belong to an audiology group of 14
members, representing various professional backgrounds - technical,
clinical, and educational.

The candidate should have work experience with acoustic systems and an
interest for the "entire" solution, even though the candidate is a
specialist in his/her field.

Your educational and professional background should include:
*       Acoustics and electro-acoustics
*       Specification and Programming (Excel and Visual Basic) of models and
*       Interdisciplinary communication of technical principles and results 
*       Signal processing
*       Team work in a busy environment

It would be an extra plus, if the candidate is knowledgeable in the
following areas:
*       Psycho-acoustic and Audiology
*       Statistics

Contact myself or Joel Beilin, Head of Audiology for further information
(mailto:job@oticon.dk, phone +45 39 17 73 44)


Lars Bramsl°w

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> Lars Bramsl°w
> Ph.D., M.Sc.E.E.
> Audiology
> Oticon A/S
> Strandvejen 58
> DK - 2900 Hellerup
> phone:        +45 39 17 75 42
> fax:  +45 39 27 79 00
> mailto:lab@oticon.dk
> http://www.oticon.com
> http://www.digilife.com
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