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Re: old JASA's


Your problem is a known bug in the Mac version of DjVu.
I believe it has been fixed. If not, I will get you the fixed djvu program.
Windows, Linux, and Unix users are not having this problem.

As I said, I believe it has been fixed. It is unfortunate that we did not see this
before the CDROMs went out.

Another problem with the MAC is that if you load all the files onto
the drive, it can cause an overflow of the filesystem, and crash the hard
drive. This is a possible problem of the MAC OS. Please becarful
and load the CDROMS one at a time on the MAC OS, and ck the filesystem
after each CDROM, to make sure your filesystem is not full.

I am working with second hand information here, so please send
me your experience, and we will try to track the problems you are having,
and fix them.

Jont Allen

MORI Koichi wrote:

> I was almost suggesting my library to donate the old JASA hard copies,
> but now I don't. I've found, to my disappointment, that the
> reproduction in the new CD-ROM's is of a significantly worse quality
> than that in the old ones, much less the published (printed) volumes.

This is a known problem with the MAC DjVu program provided on the disk
Download the newer version from lizeardtech.com


> Though I can read them on screen without a problem, the print out is so
> fuzzy that I cannot read text without guessing. Some graphs also suffer
> even on screen. Making the print preference of DjVu to the darkest does
> not help. It may be because I use a Mac version of DjVu plug-in (3.0
> beta 7, which is the latest. The one that came with the CD-ROM does not
> install -- freezes Mac OS 9.0.4) with Netscape 4.75 (U.S. version) and
> postscript printers.
>         I had hoped I could print out articles from the CD-ROMs in order
> to carry  to read (I do not usually carry a lap top). I still have to
> go to the library and photocopy them for that purpose. I would like to
> hear other people's experience.
> Koichi Mori
> At 06:09 PM -0600 01.1.19, James W. Beauchamp wrote:
> >Vols. 1-100, 1929-1996 of JASA on CD-ROM arrived today. That eliminates
> >any need for my old hard copies, which started in the late 60's. Now
> >the question remains what to do with them. Should I try to find some
> >library to donate them to or should I just pitch 'em?
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