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developing software

Dear list,

We are going to leave our DOS-based developing environment, at least for
some tasks that are hard to do under DOS, such as simultaneous playing
and recording, and in cases where we need digital I/O which is in
general disabled in DOS soundcard drivers.

It was suggested that we use
        * Delphi
        * Visual C++
        * Visual Basic
I would like advice, comments, opinions by those of you that have
experience with these tools, especially if two or more of the above list
are in use and comparisons are possible. The type of tasks we plan to do
includes online calculations of acoustic impulse responses of rooms
(i.e. simultaneous output of white noise and recording of this noise
plus its echoes, and online calculations of autocorrelation function).
Which type of software allows this to be done with the lowest amount of
overhead? Is there some other software not on the above list that would
need even less overhead?

Thanks in advance for any advice,
I will edit a summary of responses
and e-mail it to anybody who is interested.

- Christian Kaernbach