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Cognitive/Quantitative Psychologist Opening

Dear colleagues,

The Department of Psychology at McGill University is pleased to announce an opening for a Cognitive or Quantitative Psychologist through an exciting new e-commerce initiative. Please read the description below and forward to anyone you know who might be interested in applying. The deadline is soon (March 1) but we may consider applications received before March 15.

Cognitive/Quantitative Psychologist
E-commerce at McGill: An integrative research agenda

The Psychology Department of McGill University is participating in the University's e-commerce integrative research agenda. E-commerce research encompasses all aspects of consumer behavior in purchasing goods or services electronically, such as through the World Wide Web, rather than through
traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets. As part of that participation, the Department seeks excellent candidates with expertise in topics in quantitative or cognitive psychology of relevance to electronic commerce and emerging electronic markets. Candidates should be recognized or
outstanding young researchers, should have research interests in one or more of the following core areas and be interested in the application of such research to e-commerce:

i. Behavioral studies (e.g., behavioral decision theory, attitude/behavior changes memory, attention, concepts and categorization, human-computer interaction);
ii. Quantitative analysis (e.g., mathematical models of choice, re-entrant and generative neural systems, multivariate statistics, time seriesanalysis, hidden state Markov chain models, data mining);

Candidates should have a strong theoretical background, as well as a demonstrated interest in integrating behavioral, quantitative and strategic
approaches. Industrial experience is an asset. Our department's current strengths within these broad domains are: time series analyses, models of
preference and choice, functional data analysis, neural network modeling, high level perception and cognition, individual and group decision-making.
The affiliation of the successful candidate will most likely be the Department of Psychology and/or the Faculty of Management (Marketing), which
both have excellent facilities for interdisciplinary research and have strong links with related academic departments at McGill and other universities in
For additional information and details on the application procedure, please visit
http://www.psych.mcgill.ca/acapos.html and
Daniel J. Levitin
FCAR Strategic Assistant Professor of Psychology
McGill University
Montreal, CANADA

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
McGill University
Stewart Biology Building
1205 Ave. Dr. Penfield
Montreal, PQ H3A 1B1

Phone: (514) 398-8263
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email: levitin@psych.mcgill.ca

Web site: http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/~levitin