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Re: KEMAR mannekins company?

Dear all,

Thanks for your help.
I've been asked to share the available information with others so here is
a summary of the answers I received.

> KEMAR = Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research
> http://www.knowles.com

> 73, Victoria Rd.
> Burgess Hill,
> w. Sussex
> RH15 9LP

> Tel. 0444 235432
> I guess its probable 01444.

> I believe it's Knowles Electronics, Inc.
> (http://www.knowles-electronics.com).
(this URL points to the same server as www.knowles.com)

It seems there is some problem to obtain information about these mannekins
(not for sale anymore???). I am not directly involved in the project for
which this mannekin would be needed but I will try to get some information
with respect to their success.

However, B&K also sell such materials.

> We have a head-and-torso simulator from Bruel and Kjaer, Denmark. It
> does the same thing, except KEMAR has an ear canal and the B & K one
> does not. B & K definitely has high quality equipment and it may cut
> down on shipping costs.


Thank you all. Hope this information will be usefull to some.

 Olivier Crouzet
 Human and Machine Perception Research Centre
 MacKay Institute of Communication and Neuroscience
 Department of Life Sciences
 Keele University
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