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perception of rise/fall times

Hi Everyone:

Are there published data on the similarities and/or differences between the
percepts aroused by rise times and fall times (of tonal or other signals)?
I'm not so much interested in increment and decrement thresholds per se, as
I am in discrimination of the shape (e.g., linear, cosine) and slopes of
the stimulus envelope.  We have the article by van Heuven & van den Broecke
(JASA, 1979, 66: 1308-1315).  We also have the paper by Cutting & Rosner
(P&P, 1974, 16: 564-570).  We're currently searching the literature for
people who've cited those articles.  I would have thought that forward
masking effects would have introduced asymmetries in the perception of rise
and fall envelopes.  Is this not true?

Parenthetically, we are aware of much of the literature on the neural
coding of stimulus transients.

Thanks very much for any help or guidance you can offer.  Best wishes from
beautiful and sunny Nova Scotia.  Cheers,

Dennis Phillips

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