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Re: perception of rise/fall times

Spurred by the inquiry from Dennis Phillips (and because I have seen the
history of this issue being gradually forgotten), I would like to point out
that the results of Cutting & Rosner (P&P, 1974, 16: 564-570) were shown
conclusively to arise from errors in the specification of the stimuli. Pluck
and bows are *not* categorically perceived! For the details see:

Rosen, S. M. & Howell, P. (1981) Plucks and bows are not categorically
perceived, Perception and Psychophysics 30: 156-158.

A review article discussing this issue with more background is also

Rosen, S. & Howell, P. (1987) Auditory, articulatory and learning
explanations of categorical perception in speech. In: Categorical
Perception, ed. S. Harnad. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 113-160.

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