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Re: A note on notes

Bruno Repp wrote :
>My main point was that "note" should not be used to refer to musical
Well, this sort of (mutually) exclusive usage might yet lead to further
(semantic) troubles, for instance, when using 'half' / 'semi-tone'
(i.e., a 'half step') instead of 'half note' (i.e., half the length of a
'whole note') in a pre / descriptive (referential) context, vice versa
(e.g., "the score provides playing a 'half note' lower" or "it sounded
just the length of a 'semitone'") ...
And what about 'rests' referring to 'silent events' ?

>The term "note" in music is analogous to the term "letter"
>in language, which also denotes a written symbol, not a sound.
Well, I'd consider musical 'notes' / symbols yet to a higher degree
being 'denoting' each (roughly) compared to single (Latin) language
'letters' (more sort of 'phonideograms' as in Chinese, again, where I
would include the whole notational context, though, not the notes alone)