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Re: histograms of F0 in speech contours


thanks for your interest. Your questions concern technical details of the
work done by the IPO team. They do not concern my work, and the details
given in the methods section of my paper are sufficient in the context of
the paper's scope.

But we have got nothing to hide, and your questions will be answered as soon
as Bob Ladd is back from a journey abroad (after May 22).

As your questions are all focused on the possibility of an unnoticed bias in
the process of data collection, let me add a general remark on this.

The extraction of speech-target f0 is an established technique in intonation
research, and Bob Ladd has been a leading expert in this for many years. He
is likely to know how to avoid any type of unnoticed selection bias during
the hand-marking of speech-target values.


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