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Re: histograms of F0 in speech contours


Having alluded first doubts on May 9, I appreciate your mediating
I would merely like to add that I feel tempted to see the apparent poles
and zeros in the data in Martin's paper possibly caused by physical reasons.
Maybe, I am wrong if I guess that many of us are not very familiar with the
astonishingly similar modes of standing waves in cavities like the trachea.
In my humble understanding, while the glottis vibrates with f0, it creates
a sequence of glottal pulses rather than a sinusoidal signal.
I imagine:
i) It is difficult if not impossible to correctly extract f0,
in particular after the modulation that forms the formants of speech
and with uncertain intervals of analysis,.
ii) There might be some values of f0 which are more or less difficult
to exactly tune to by an individual singer for physical reasons.

What about our knowledge of theory describing acoustic waves, everybody may
test herself or himself.
Do you know evanascent waves and whispering gallery modes?
I selected these examples in order to support Andrew Bell whose idea of
SAW at the surface of tectorial membrane did perhaps not yet find the due
expert judgement.

Kind regards,