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Re: Fwd: Re: musical tones in speech

There is a specific therapy for aphasia based on melodic intonation.  It is
common that aphasics can speak through singing but not through straight speech.
It is also troue that those who stutter can nearly always sing without
stuttering.  This appears to be because of mediation of a different part of the

Martin, I cannot comment much on your paper as your figure are not accessible to
the blind which is, as far as it goes, the way of much of the material in the
sighted community.  It is apparent, however, that to first say that your study
applies such that comments about absolute etc. pitch can be mand and then turn
around and state that there is no data anywhere identical to yours is a bit of
having your cake and eating it too.  In many respects this is more a clinical
than a research issue at least in terms of application.

Tom Brennan, CCC-A/SLP, RHD
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