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Re: streams and groups

Venerable List,

    Regarding clapping & applause:

    My experience with clappers and applause comes from building sound
models for use in interactive applications.

    Just to make sure this point isn't missed (as it hasn't been
mentioned yet), the periodicity of the signal from individual clappers -
even when the period is slightly different across clappers) helps the
listener keep track of the different sources. If the timing is perturbed
away from periodicity while keeping the overall rates the same, the
perception of the aggregate changes dramatically.

    An interesting question is: at what number of clappers does the
periodicity of the individual not matter anymore?

    Individual clap sounds, even those from a single clapper,  are quite
different in frequency content.  So, another interesting question comes
up in modeling: How many different single-clap sounds does one need to
create applause? (A low number is quite a-plausible!) If I remember
correctly, we needed about 30 in dense applause in order not to hear the
"buzz" of precisely repeating samples.

- lonce