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Re: pure propaganda purposes


Indeed I do not wish to carry on a private discussion with you.  I told you
so in very civil terms in a private message.  What is that message doing on
the list?

You seem to be assuming that you have a right to my private attention.  You

I also do not wish to repeat the public discussion.  I have said what I
thought of the study that you brought to our attention, and you have had
the opportunity to answer in the style you thought best.  I do not wish to
go into the details of your new belated "answer", in private or in public.
The opportunity for that sort of interaction is passed.

The next step as far as I'm concerned is to look at Bob Ladd's data.  If I
can work out a reasonable formal approximation of his labelling process,
I'll also check other databases.  If necessary I may submit a comment to
ARLO, that you will certainly have the chance to reply to.  In any case
I'll be truly delighted to report anything in favor of your claims.

Until then please be patient.


Alain de Cheveigne'
CNRS/IRCAM, 1 place Stravinsky, 75004, Paris.
phone: +33 1 44784846, fax: 44781540, email: cheveign@ircam.fr