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Extraction of F0

As someone mentioned, both cool edit and sound forge do FFT's, and they both
print an estimate of F0 in the bottom of the FFT window.  My impression is
that these are accurate, but I haven't done extensive tests.  I wrote Cool
edit to find out what the algorithm was, but the help person seemed rather
clueless.  I intend to ask the same question of the sound forge people.   
 Note also that Avaaz's software for speech analysis (TFR or something like
that does it by three different algorithms.   
   By the way: does anyone know of a good book or review article on the
prosodic aspects of speech (English, anyway)?  Not the informal linguistics
stuff, but precise measurements on typical durations, frequency F0's,
variability, melodic patterns, etc.   Surely there must be a review paper.  I
note that several members on this list have been working extensively in this
area.  Thanks.
Geoff Collier