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FW: EPSRC Studentship: Speech and Language Processing

EPSRC Studentship: Speech and Language Processing
Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL

Applications are invited for an EPSRC funded research studentship leading
to a Ph. D. to
commence in October 2001. This award would be held full-time over 3 years.
The research studentship can be held in any area of speech or language
processing that
falls within the general remit of EPSRC funding and is related to our
current research
These include:
Models of computational phonology in speech synthesis
Modelling the use of lexical, syntactic, and semantic knowledge in speech
Phonetic perception in bilinguals and L2 learners
Speech processing for cochlear implants
Phonetic perception and word recognition by cochlear implant users
Individual differences in speech perception
Auditory-visual speech perception, including the use of facial animation

Applicants should have a class I or II:1 Honours degree in a relevant
subject area. A
Masters degree or relevant research experience would be an advantage.

One full studentship including a maintenance award  of 9,000 GBP pa
(increasing annually) is
available to applicants with 3 years qualifying residence in the UK
(excluding full-time
education). Tuition fee only studentships without a maintenance allowance
would be
available to EU and EEA residents.

Candidates may also wish to consult our Departmental Web site
http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/, and reports of Work in Progress
at http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/shl)

Applications should include a CV,  an outline of your relevant training and
and a brief statement of the research areas that interest you, plus the
names and
addresses of two academic referees. Closing date for applications will be
July 4 2001, but
earlier applications are encouraged.