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Re: public library

people on this list who are more in "cognition" than in acoustics should also know that there is an appropriate archive for them:

regarding the issue of publishers granting or not permission to post re-prints on a public archive: 
It is important to note that the permission issue applies only to the actual reprint produced by the publisher, not to your own pre-print, as long as there are minute differences with the published version.
As far as the reprint is concerned, my experience is that curiously permission is more easily obtained to post on your personal web page than on a public archive (although a 'personal' web page is as public as anything else on the web of course). this provides a good way to legally circumvent restrictions: post your reprint on your web page, and on the public archive just post a record for your paper with a link to the reprint on your web page... in practice, ask for both and see what you are granted. 

regarding the public library of science, it certainly goes in the right direction. but strategically speaking, one may question whether it is good to stop halfway and grant publishers a blocus on the scientific literature for 6 months.

for those interested, a more comprehensive discussion of those issues is available there:

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Subject: Re: public library

> I believe this is an important initiative for medicine and life
> sciences.
> For other scientific areas, there is the excellent e-Print archive
> http://xxx.lanl.gov/ that, I think, should be used more, especially in
> its computing research section.
> It may be of interest to know that IEEE and ACM allow to post submitted
> and published articles to the repository, provided the author includes a
> copyright notice in the first page. On the other hand, we recently asked
> JASA for a similar permission, and they didn't allow it. Personally, I
> think this is an important point to consider when choosing a journal as
> a publication target.
> dr
> Robert Zatorre wrote:
> >
> > Dear colleagues
> >
> > I take the opportunity of a brief break in the action (which, by the
> > way, I
> > do agree has had more N than S recently) to suggest that people might
> > want
> > to take a look at the following site:
> >
> > http://www.publiclibraryofscience.org/
> >
> > Some of you may find it of interest, and might even wish to endorse
> > the goals.
> >
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