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Re: Input Device

On 12 Jun 01, at 17:29, Bernhard Laback wrote:

> On of my colleagues asks for the following question:
> Dear list,
> For an audiological test we need a device to manually adjust the level
> of a test-stimulus.
> Ideally it should be a kind of potentiometer. There should be drivers
> available to read its values out on a Windows NT or 2000 system.
> Do you have an idea if there are products we could use for this?

Sound cards do this using the "Mixer" control.  It's pretty crude in Windows,
but some sound cards are capable of very good dynamic range when properly
controlled.  (My Daqarta system gets over 120 dB from a standard Sound
Blaster, but it is a real-mode DOS program so it won't work here.)
Nevertheless, you might want to experiment with the standard Windows
mixer and whatever sound card you've got.

Robert Masta

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