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Apologies to those who receive multiple copies of this.


     ** Early Registration deadline: August 15, 2001 **

            2001 IEEE Workshop on Applications of
           Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics

                    Mohonk Mountain House
                     New Paltz, New York
                     October 21-24, 2001

       Web:    http://www.cs.princeton.edu/waspaa01/
       EMail:  waspaa01@cs.princeton.edu

The 2001 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing
to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA'01) will be held at the Mohonk
Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. The workshop is sponsored
by the Audio & Electroacoustics committee of the IEEE Signal
Processing Society. The objective of the two-and-a-half day
workshop is to provide an informal environment for the discussion
of problems in audio and acoustics and the signal processing
techniques applied to these problems. Technical sessions will
be scheduled in the morning and before and after dinner. Afternoons
will be left free for outdoor activities or informal meetings
among workshop participants.

Registration fees increase significantly after the early
registration deadline:

            On or Before Aug 15, 2001    After Aug 15, 2001
IEEE members        $190                        $305
Nonmembers          $245                        $395
Students            $130                        $190

For more details regarding registration and to see a list of
accepted papers, please consult the conference web page at


Workshop Committee:

General Chair:            Perry R. Cook, Princeton CS/Music
                          35 Olden St. Princeton, NJ, USA 08540
                          Tel: +001 (609) 258-4951
                          Fax: +001 (609) 258-1771
                          EMail:    waspaa01@cs.princeton.edu

Technical Program Chair:  Malcolm Slaney, IBM Almaden Research,
                          San Jose, CA USA
                          EMail: malcolm@almaden.ibm.com

Finance/Registrations:    Bryan George, The MITRE Corporation,
                          McLean, VA USA
                          EMail: bgeorge@mitre.org

Publications/Publicity:   Youngmoo Kim, MIT Media Lab,
                          Cambridge, MA USA
                          EMail: moo@media.mit.edu

Local Arrangements:       Michael Brandstein, Harvard University,
                          Cambridge, MA USA
                          EMail: msb@yellowstone.hrl.harvard.edu

Youngmoo Kim
Machine Listening Group
MIT Media Lab