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Re: Program to modify RMS levels

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Mitchell Sommers wrote:
> Does anyone know of software that will allow users to modify (specify) RMS levels.  Ideally, it would accept .wav files but this is not a necessity.  I have several hundred speech files that I'd like to equalize based on RMS levels so batch processing would be essential.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions

You'll find a program that does just that, at

The package contains 3 programs dealing with the Root Mean Square, which
operate on 16 bit signed raw PCM sound files
(sox options: -t raw -sw)

rms_plr : computes the Root Mean Square of a sound file
amplify_plr : multiply samples by a fixed value
setrms_plr : multiply samples to set the RMS of a sound file to a given

To set the RMS to "targeRMS" (an integer between 0 and 32767), you type:

    setrms_plr soundfilename targetRMS

clipping is not checked
the file is changed in place, so backup your files before
setrms_plr is a unix shell script
the C source code of rms_plr and amplify_plr are included

Christophe Pallier