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Re: world events

Dear List,
While I appreciate these opinions of others, and would like nothing
better than to debate them with others in an appropriate forum, allow
me to be blunt:
Some of us over here lost loved ones. The fact that this is totally
off-topic notwithstanding, please allow the family members of those
killed the time and space to grieve before debating matters of
international policy.

dear scientists -

i'm not so sure.
maybe you'd like to learn about an organisation called "Scientists for
Global Responsibility", http://www.sgr.org.uk
if not, please accept my apology for filling your inbox with noise.

best wishes, marina

marina rose
university laboratory of physiology
parks road, oxford, u.k.
tel.: 0044 1865 272495; internal: 72495

Shawn Weil wrote:

 Although I respect your opinions and your yearning for restraint, this is
 not the proper forum for the discussion.  Please refrain making these posts.

Noah MacKenzie, M.A.
Dept. of Psychology
Cognitive/Experimental Area
The Ohio State University