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Re: world events

With regard to the postings about the situation in the US
on our newsgroup -- there ARE things that the auditory community
can do to help in this effort:

I wondered if there are people with directional hearing
expertise who could assist in the location efforts. It has been
mentioned in the press that occasionally there are sounds from
the site that are believed to be people still alive. I would
hope that anyone with expertise that they think could help with
sound localization (or even sonar) would contact their local
American Red Cross and register their service availability.

A Thousand Amateur Radio Operators (of which many Auditory
members may be, including myself) are needed in NY to operate
communications equipment. I have attached below the call for
volunteers. If you hold a current FCC license, please review
the info at the bottom of this email and see if you can lend
a hand. We need your help.

Also, as a general announcement, the Audio Engineering Society
Conference scheduled for THIS weekend in NYC
has been postponed to November 30 - December 3, 2001.
Given that the Javits center (where the convention was
to have been held) has been taken over by the Federal Emergency
Management team (this is a good thing), and considering that the
rescue and clean-up effort may go on for months, the AES conference
may be further postponed. Info will be available via www.aes.org
as well as from NY AES HQ (which was not directly affected).

I hope that our auditory newsgroup will post other requests and
notices similar to these, which are relevant to our expertise
and interests. As well, I hope that posters will be aware that
this will continue to be a difficult time for many members,
so some sensitivity will be appreciated.

Dr. Rebecca Mercuri.
KA3IAX (FCC General Class)

****Attached message for Radio Amateurs within commute of NYC:

This site is for licensed Amateur Radio Operators to register
themselves for communications duty in support of the relief effort
at the World Trade Center.


The site lists the equipment requirements and a checklist of items to
bring. There is also a form to fill out to register.


Kip Burnett, KB2EGI

ARES Emergency Coordinator, Mercer County NJ.