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Political debate

Dear Colleagues,

I think I agree with recent postings that have argued against the
use of the AUDITORY list for political organizing.  The names of
all members and their e-mail addresses are available (I believe)
on the list's web page.  So concerned parties could contact their
colleagues privately through individual or group mailings.

The list is not moderated, so anybody can, in principle, post a
message about anything, and I certainly understand the intense
feelings that the New York tragedy has evoked, and the concerns
about the US administration's possible response to it (I have
taken some political action myself).

However, given that we are not uniform in our political opinions,
and the list was set up to discuss the perception of sound, my
feeling is that this topic, and certain related professional
issues, such as ads for jobs in this area, should remain the
topic of discussion.

Best wishes to all,


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