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Re: Multichannel audio cards


The RME range of professional multichannel cards (http://www.rme-audio.com)
are very flexible and offer good value for money. The Hammerfall and Digi96
range would probably be of most interest. They have drivers for many OS and
allow bitstreams such as AC3 or DTS to be output without altering the
digital word structure, which other cards do automatically. They come in
basic versions with only digital outs but can have D/A added.


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From: ext Regis Rossi Alves Faria [mailto:regis@LSI.USP.BR]
Sent: 23 October, 2001 23:04
Subject: Multichannel audio cards

Hello all,

We are looking for suggestions on multichannel audio cards (models
and/or brands) as well as multichannel softwares (to generate more than
2 stereo audio outputs, be it either 5.1 or n-independent
channels/outputs) to drive a virtual 3D (audio) environment (i.e., n
independent speakers set in a way to produce audio spacialization).

The system is to synchronize with a similar virtual 3D visual
environment, where objects can be visualized and heard.

Those who can advise on this, or think could help if having more
information, I would be grateful in contacting.

Regis Rossi A. Faria
Media Engineering Center
LSI - University of Sao Paulo