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Re: Multichannel audio cards

I recommend a MOTU device (www.motu.com). Or the
EMI 2|6 is a good low end USB solution compatible with

If you want to do your own real-time processing I recommend
that you use the ASIO API or MacOS X CoreAudio. Both provide
low latency and a lot of control.


Regis Rossi Alves Faria wrote:

> Hello all,
> We are looking for suggestions on multichannel audio cards (models
> and/or brands) as well as multichannel softwares (to generate more than
> 2 stereo audio outputs, be it either 5.1 or n-independent
> channels/outputs) to drive a virtual 3D (audio) environment (i.e., n
> independent speakers set in a way to produce audio spacialization).
> The system is to synchronize with a similar virtual 3D visual
> environment, where objects can be visualized and heard.
> Those who can advise on this, or think could help if having more
> information, I would be grateful in contacting.
> Regis Rossi A. Faria
> Media Engineering Center
> LSI - University of Sao Paulo
> Brazil
> regis@lsi.usp.br
tel;fax:908 582 7308
tel;work:908 582 2890
org:Agere Systems;Media Signal Processing Research
adr:;;600 Mountain Avenue;Murray Hill;NJ;07974;
fn:Christof Faller