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sensory science

I have been asked to post this for my department...

Laurel Trainor


The Department of Psychology at McMaster University is pleased to announce
the arrival of three new colleagues:

Patrick J. Bennett
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Vision Science
(bennett@mcmaster.ca    1-905-525-9140 ext. 23012)

Allison B. Sekuler
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience
(sekuler@mcmaster.ca    1-905-525-9140 ext. 27944)

David I. Shore
Assistant Professor
(dshore@mcmaster.ca     1-905-525-9140 ext. 23013)

The addition of these researchers complements our already strong and
interactive group in Sensory Science, and we welcome applications from
students with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, computer science,
physics, engineering, and biology. Current students come from Canada, the
US, and abroad, and we fully fund all students.

Our department offers students an individualized, research-based program,
emphasizing one-to-one interactions over traditional course work. Students
are encouraged to interact with a variety of faculty, enabling them to take
an interdisciplinary approach to the study of visual, auditory and tactile
perception. In addition to basic sensory processes, there is an interest in
attention, experience, and development, and their impact on perception.
Researchers examine these problems from a variety of perspectives, using
techniques that include cellular/molecular methods, physiology,
neuroimaging, computational modelling, psychophysics. We have excellent
research infrastructure, with access to high end computing, virtual reality,
optical imaging, EEG/ERP, MEG, TMS, and fMRI.

For more information, visit our website (www.psychology.mcmaster.ca),
contact the graduate secretary (elong@mcmaster.ca), or contact any of the
faculty in Sensory Science directly.


Lorraine Allan (allan@mcmaster.ca): contingent after-effects, judgement of
contingency, time perception

Sue Becker (beckers@mcmaster.ca): connectionist models of learning and

Patrick J. Bennett (bennett@mcmaster.ca): spatial vision, psychophysics,
perceptual learning & development, aging & vision, ideal observer theory

Lee Brooks (brookslr@mcmaster.ca): coordination of perceptual and verbalized
knowledge in categorization and medical diagnosis

David Jones (djones@insight.mcmaster.ca): computational vision, optical
imaging of function in visual cortex

Terri Lewis (lewislt@mcmaster.ca): development of vision in human infants,
normal development, development of vision in children treated for cataracts

Daphne Maurer (maurer@mcmaster.ca): development of visual perception in
infants and children and the role of visual input in driving developmental
changes, including both sensory systems and higher order processes

Bruce Milliken (millike@mcmaster.ca): attention as a dynamic interface
between memory and perception

Kathy Murphy (kmurphy@cascade.mcmaster.ca): visual neuroscience,
environmental and genetic factors in visual development, optical imaging of
function in visual cortex

Larry Roberts (roberts@mcmaster.ca): exploration of cortical map plasticity
and associative learning in humans

Allison B. Sekuler (sekuler@mcmaster.ca):  perceptual organization and
recognition, pattern vision, aging, neural plasticity, neuroimaging, visual

Judith M. Shedden (shedden@mcmaster.ca): studies of human spatial attention
using ERP and MRI

David I. Shore (dshore@mcmaster.ca): crossmodal temporal processing, memory
and visual search, varieties and effects of attention

Hong-Jin Sun (sunhong@mcmaster.ca): visual neuroscience, visual motion
processing and visuomotor control, spatial memory and virtual reality

Laurel Trainor (ljt@mcmaster.ca): auditory perceptional development,
including basic sound perception as well as the perception of speech and

Department of Psychology, McMaster University
1280 Main Street West, Psychology Building
Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4K1, CANADA