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Re: initial transients of musical instruments


My MSc thesis on analysis of musical gestures in acoustical instruments
using wavelets has a focus on searching signal patterns associated with

I analyse around 28 musical events (attacks, phrases, and sustain
effects, like sforzattos, staccatos, spiccatos, dynamic effects,
frullatos, strong atacks, tremolos and vibratos) captured from real
instrument performance (violin and flute) and look forward to using that
matematical tool to identify and study such sonic patterns. There is
some and novel useful information on transients, since wavelets are a
very good tool to analyse such things due to its good localization both
in frequency and time.

Here is the reference:

·       Faria, R.R.A. "Application of wavelets on the analysis of
gestures in timbres of traditional acoustic instruments". MS
dissertation, Polytechnic School, University of São Paulo, 1997. (in

In case you're interested in the procedures and ideas behind the thesis,
here are 2 previous references to 2 works in connection:

·       Faria, R.R.A. et al. "Wavelets in music analysis and synthesis:
analysis and perspectives". In: SPIE Conference on Wavelet Applications
in Signal and Image Processing IV, Denver, 1996. SPIE, v.2825, pt.2,
1996. pp.950-61.
·       Faria, R.R.A.; Zuffo, J.A. "Wavelets as a multiresolution
analysis and
synthesis technique for sound timbres edition", Proceedings of the 2nd.
Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, XV Brazilian Computer Society
Conference, Canela, 1995. Porto Alegre, IIUFRGS, 1995, pp. 198-204.

Hope this can contribute to your work. I will be here in case you need
something more.
Best regards,

Regis Rossi A. Faria
Media Engineering Center
LSI - Lab. Integrated Systems
University of Sao Paulo

alexander lerch wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I am looking for references or links to publications about the
> intial transients of musical instruments. I'm particularly
> interested in woodwind and string instruments.
> I would be grateful for any information you can give me.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Lerch