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Announce: F0 estimation software

Dear listers,

For those of you who have use for fundamental frequency (F0) estimation,
matlab code for a new method is available at:
(the latter contains sound file reading tools).  See the 'README' file for
conditions of use, and 'yin.html' for more information.  To run the
software both directories should be on your matlab path.  Type 'test' to
get started.

The method, named YIN, is reliable (as shown by extensive testing on
speech), accurate and flexible.  In particular there is no need to put an
upper limit on the F0 search range, so it may be useful for musical sounds
and high-pitched voices.

The method grew out of work on auditory models of pitch perception.  Some
people may be pleased to hear that autocorrelation (or cancellation) does
actually work within a practical F0 estimation algorithm.  But please note
that YIN is not a pitch perception model.

This software is provided as-is with no support.  As a tool it lacks lots
of indispensable features that I hope someone else will implement.  I am
however interested in bug reports.


Alain de Cheveigne'
CNRS/IRCAM, 1 place Stravinsky, 75004, Paris.
phone: +33 1 44784846, fax: 44781540, email: cheveign@ircam.fr