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Transfer function of middle ear

Hello List,
I am a Masters student at Virginia Tech and am trying to implement  PAQM(a method to determine the audio quality of a signal). I am currently using Matlab for its implementation but am stuck at a point and would like some kind of help.
I have to implement a "transfer function from the outer ear to the inner ear" in other words how sound changes when passing through the middle ear or the transfer function of the middle ear. Now I am not at all an expert in auditory models and am implementing this metric for the measurement of quality for a frameloss scenario.
So could some one help me out either with some small snippet of code for the transfer function of the middle ear or some link which I can read and figure out myself as to how I can implement the transfer function of the middle ear.
Thank a lot in advance,
Awaiting some replies,
Best regards,
Graduate Research Assistant
Alexandria Research Institute,Virginia Tech