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"Bromley, Dr. Keith": Acoustic Analysis Workbench

Dear List -

I received the following reply about audio analysis software,
including a link to a useful overview page.


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From: "Bromley, Dr. Keith" <bromley@spawar.navy.mil>
Subject: Acoustic Analysis Workbench
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 05:26:12 -0700


        I am responding to your request for free audio software for
real-time spectrogram generation - which was forwarded to me by Judy Brown.
Let me bring to your attention our Acoustic Analysis Workbench (AAW)
software which does what you ask - and more.  It will be made freely
available (including source code) in the next few months (as soon as we
settle a few legal wrinkles with Microsoft).

        Our web site is  http://www.sscsd.hpc.mil/projects/aaw

        From the site, you can download our papers which give you detailed

        Also, you may wish to check out the web site of Prof. David Howard
of the University of York who has a survey of free audio analysis software.

Good luck,


Dr. Keith Bromley

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