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Freq to bark domain

Hello List,
I have this quick question to ask about mapping from frequency to bark =
domain. Suppose I have values of a function(say some transfer function =
of a filter) which are at different frequency samples. I now need to =
find the equivalent values in bark scale. I know the conversion of =
frequency to Bark scale(used the Traunm=FCller equation) but then how do =
I map these values which I have in frequency domain to bark domain? =
Should I just take the average of those values(i.e values which I have =
in the freq domain) that correspond to each interval in the bark domain( =
I have taken intervals of 0.2 bark on the z domain i.e one or more =
frequency domain values will give me a single value for each interval) ?
Any help in this will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot,
With Best Regards,
Vivek Srivastava
Graduate Research Assistant
Alexandria Research Institute,Virginia Tech